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This 3 piece trio is all about 3 tropical birds from the Amazon rainforest. 

The first being a Puna or James Flamingo that is white with pink highlights.

The second being the lovely Toucan.

The third being a Macaw in the parrot family. 


Although this may seem like a series painted just merely for the birds, the hidden meanings in this trio is first about how each of these birds have a commonality that they mate for life. I chose birds that mate for life because it brings a unifying and deeper meaning of love. Each being painted on a round wood canvas symbolizes strength, wholeness and a circle of completion. Each of these animals compliment each other in the rainforest and are part of the same ecosystem. 


The splatter design in the paintings bring a fun and playful aspect to these birds, the tropical and enticing colours of these birds are a product of their environment in the amazon rainforest. 

On a deeper level, the splats resemble a tragic ending that is a product of deforestation of the amazon rainforest that ultimately leads to global warming, damage in the ecosystem and extinction. 


We must return our love to mother earth and respect this planet we are occupying if we want to save, befriend and save our animal kingdom. The depths of these animals are our teachers, let's return to love and appreciate this incredible earth we live on. 


This set can be hung vertical or horizontal but it is recommended vertical. This is because the flamingo and macaw are looking at the toucan who is the centre of the piece.


3 wooden cradel boards on two 12" and one 14". Acrylic

Hand painted by Robyn Prosser

Tropical Trio

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