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Quiet Dignity

*Original or Prints Available*
Original Painting by Robyn Prosser
10"x10" on Wood Canvas


This piece is one of the first of its series. Its vibrant colours connect the viewer to this piece with passion and emotion. The divine feminine through the Metis culture is what I wanted to express through this piece. The strong female figure that captures your eye is the focal point, the primitive feature that brings connection to the colours, symbols and culture of this woman. 


This piece has a water colour crayon background with acrylic paint used for the female. These vibrant colours jump at the viewer and give a strong contrast to the woman in the picture and to her culture. This piece was filled with passion and power making it a strong focal piece in any home. 


Colours in the above photos may slightly vary from the original painting due to lighting.

Custom Print Sizes Available



Quiet Dignity

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