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Please note there are two different styles of the Lifeforce:


Print of Original: 6.75"x12" • 10"x18" • 20.35"x36"

Poster Print Edited: 8.5"x11" • 11"x17" • 24"x36"

Custom Sizing Available


Prints will be sent to you via Canada Post on Satin Paper. Any posters that are ordered outside of Canada and the United States will have to pay a flat fee for shipping.



About this painting: 

Life force , 2021

This piece was an intuitive painting with symbolism of the life force that runs through all of us.

We are connected to everything and everyone, life force (prana, chi, ki, spiritus, ruach etc) is in everything!

From the top I painted a purple celestial guide who is among the stars among us, who brings wisdom and guidance.

The Albino Raven is the connection to Mother Earth through the power animals that give us information if we choose to listen.

The long white energy surge is that of life force flowing through the womb of existence, all that we are and where we start on this earth plane. Flowing through the lotus flower, the flower that brings its beauty through the muddy waters; ready to bring beauty to the viewer.

The bottom left elder is our ancestors and the wisdom and gifts they give us. The lessons they want to share with us to help us heal our inter generational trauma and to truly embrace this time we have on earth. We must listen to our ancestors if we want to heal that part of ourselves and for future generations.

This painting was created in a series of meditative states and was all based on feeling of what should come next.


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