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Original: 16”x16” on 1.5” wood canvas
Print * 10”x10" sent to a staples shop near you for pick up*


Digital Files that will be sent directly to a STAPLES print shop near you. If you wish for the file to be sent to another shop or a specific staples shop, please write it in the notes otherwise we will google the closest Staples shop near you.


Printed on a 65lb cardstock 

About this piece:
In this piece titled I am , I wanted to portray the Divine Feminine and her strong sisterhood with Mother Earth, as I have learned from my Aboriginal Roots.

I placed the sacred Woman prominently in the foreground, emanating a spirit of peace and strength; a resonance with Mother Earth from which she came. Captured in her radiant serene expression is a connection to the nature around her that reflects back as seen in the glow around her head and the twinkle of the very stars themselves. Creation has given her the power to create life, knowledge and above all, love. The snow capped mountains rise majestically behind her, standing firm and unchanging in their reliability.

The blue, ribbon like wave patterns in her robe acknowledge her tie with each ripple and wave that hits the shoreline. The patterns on her robe are colourful abstracts that relate to our people’s vivacious garments. Setting off these strong traditional patterns is the medicine wheel she wears around her neck, ever guiding her and reminding her of the great wisdom of her culture.

This piece inspires me to remember my relationship with Mother Earth. The very power of nature’s creations motivate me to be all that I can be as I grow and evolve. My hope is that this art piece can portray a message that brings all woman together, that we may experience the harmony and peace that is meant to be ours, wherever we stand.

We are worthy; we are special.
We are. You are. I am.

Acrylic on wood canvas, painted by Robyn Prosser

I Am

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