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Please note there are two different styles of the Cosmic Christ:


Original Acrylic on wood board 22”x24”

Print of Original 9"x10"

Poster Print Edited (with Merkaba): 8.5"x11" • 11"x17" • 24"x36"

Custom Sizing Available


Prints will be sent to you via Canada Post on Satin Paper. Any posters that are ordered outside of Canada and the United States will have to pay a flat fee for shipping.



About this painting: 

Cosmic Christ • 2021

Why is it that when you walk into a home and see a statue of a Buddha, you relax? But when you walk into a home with a Jesus, you tense. Maybe even cringe?

I wanted to paint this piece to fully depict my belief of what Jesus Christ was and is about.

An ascended master who came to teach unconditional love, acceptance, mindfulness, inner peace and so much more.. yet unfortunately, religion had to claim him as their symbol and deem their ideals and beliefs correct.

Ascended masters come to earth to bring change, teach humanity and bring planetary action. Without them our earth wouldn’t have ascended this far.

It’s important for me to paint Jesus in the full rainbow chakra spectrum. Specially without a specific skin colour.

Jesus wasn’t white. Sorry y’all.

Painting Jesus with his eyes closed was essential to this piece. I wanted to show his meditative side along with adding an element sadness. Saddened to look at this earth and how his value has been changed to a religious, Christian, symbol whom many see as a negative connotation.

I grew up Christian, Pentecostal to be specific. One might question why I would be painting Jesus if I left the church. But for me, I was always confused at how this saviour of theirs never aligned with the religion itself. That’s a whole other can of worms.. so for now.. I paint.

Cosmic Christ

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