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Chakra Rattle Set!


The first of many, this beautiful set is made from goat hide. Everything in this set was made by me except the construction of the wooden box done by my partner Mark. 


The box is all lined with leather- mostly Natuzzi. Along with rope, stuffing, wood burned and painted. It is rustic and meant to keep this set safe because of how delicate the goat hide is.


For any questions, videos and sounds of the rattles, please reach out so we can have a video call or I can send you the information you'd like. 


This is a gorgeous set that includes:

7 Chakra Rattles made from Goat

8 page write up on the energetic and intention properties of each rattle

Custom handmade box

Over 30+ hours of creative and energetic work put into this set

Chakra RattleSet

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