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Multidimensional Enlightenment


Rob Pross

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What is Sensory Relaxation?


Come Align & Revive with Alexis & Robyn! Sensory relaxation is relaxation at its finest! Robyn and Alexis support their participants with energy healing gentle touch which includes, sweeping, and holding that calms the nervous system.  We have 10 lb weighted sandbags that are placed on certain areas of your body to allow your body to relax even deeper and light aromatherapy.. 

Alexis uses her background in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Angel Therapy. She works with angelic guides to use life force energy and move through stagnant energy blockages. Her unique style of energy work offers gentle intuitive touch, sweeping and holding.

Robyn channels each guided meditation for the group, she gives you guided visuals with your third eye along with space to tune into your imagination. Robyn is an energetic assistant and works with Alexis throughout the session  providing  gentle intuitive touch and works with her fan for clearing and sweeping the energy  field. 

Both Alexis and Robyn offer all of these tools for a full body relaxation experience. We provide eye masks so you can completely tune inwards with no distractions. 

These sessions are like none else. You will receive a full body, sensory relaxation! Currently participants are limited to 10 so we have time to be with each person.

Robyn & Alexis offer specialty groups like chronic pain relaxation and their next sexual trauma relaxation group and is planned for June/July.


"I have attended two of the group meditation sessions, “Align and Revive” in which I have left both times in a state of peace, confidence and unwavering calm. I appreciate Robyn’s clear, descriptive guided meditations where I found it to be easy to listen and relax into the calming rhythm of her story and visualizations.

Along with being completely comfortable; laying on padded cushions and sinking into my pillow and warm blanket. The presence of Alexis’ (multidimensional enlightenment energy worker) hand will gently, but powerfully warm and energetic come to rest on your shoulder. Performing Reiki and working her way around your arms, legs, torso, face & head. Leaving it to be open to the participant if you wish to be touched or not.

The Tuning Forks that is carried out by Robyn is something very unique in the relaxation. All the while she is still confidently and calmly guiding a deep mediation. Feeling that deep vibration from the top of the fork that radiates into the muscle and bones. Bringing attention and awareness to these areas.

After 2 hours of a blissful nap like state. I ALWAYS rub my eyes open and stretch with wholeness in my heart.

These woman are intent full and in tune. Sharing peace and always working with love at the front of their hearts.

If you are looking for a way to quiet literally relax and be in a quiet, safe, loving space I highly recommend attending."

Rebecca S. • B.C.





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