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This nautical inspired rattle is truly incredible! This rattle is all water energy and is great to invoke the water spirits and energy of the ocean.

Elk rawhide was used for the star rattle, hand painted with a starfish to face left outwards when rattling with a spiral on the back.

Starfish brings us energy to trust our intuition and do things the way we want, even if unusual to others. Take your time on your journey, meditate on where you are supposed to be in your divine plan and on this earth.

A piece of coral has been glued with high quality contact glue and wire wrapped with sodalite at the top.
Sodalite brings us access to subconscious and intuitive abilities. It helps us understand our emotional issues and combines mental acuity and psychic ability for wider awareness!

The rattle itself is filled with broken seashells for a softer shake. The star of the rattle is meant to be facing out left so the world can see the gorgeous energy of the starfish. Being a star shape, the rattle needs fluid movement and occasional pointing down when shaking to bring the filling out of the bottom points.

The energy of this rattle is strong and flowing like the ocean. Filled with so much love, this rattle is not only for spiritual work but also as an incredible eye catching piece of art for an altar.

Wrapped with rope and painted with pink dots inspired by the tentacle of an octopus are only some of the details of this rattle. Not to mention the bottom of the rattle that was placed with shells, faux pearls and coral; wrapped with a netting yarn.

The shells and coral on this piece were handpicked from Mexico.

The star of the rattle is 5”x5” and has a total length of 20”

This rattle is quieter with weight to its sound with a light frequency.

For a video clip of the rattle and sound please message us!

All completely handmade and painted by Robyn Prosser.

Nautical Elk Rattle

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