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Connect to your cycles, the Earth and all of your beautiful parts about being a woman. This rattle is great symbolism for our moon time cycles, how it connects to everything and how truly magical we are.


Elk & Deer hide, birthed on the February 5, 2023 full moon. This rattle was punched 7 times to resemble the 7 days in a week that add up to 28 days in a cycle. Filled with wood beads for connection to mother earth and red coral chips for its rich red blood colour and the meaning.


Red coral chips line the rope around the handle and fill the crevice mid way through. Red coral is said to symbolize blood and circulate energy in the human body. Red coral vitalizes life and energy but brings balance for where you are at in your cycle. If you need rest, red coral support this, if you need energy, red coral supports. Whatever energy you are processing in your cycle, red coral brings balance. 1 rainbow moonstone has been placed to bring harmony to your cycle, vitality and inner peace. Through the dark times, moonstone will support you.


The rich red symbolizes our cycles, our blood, our essence. The rope symbolizes many things.. how closely intertwined we are to each other, the world and spirituality, the umbilical cord of a baby and our connection to bring the bridge between conscious and unconscious. The small cotton rope of feminine products.


Finally the dreamcatcher brings connection to our dreams, our processing and of coracle our cycles to the moon. How closely linked we are with everything, how intuitive the feminine energy is.


We. Are. Magic… You. Are. Magic!!


May this rattle bring you comfort in the darkness, energy in the light and support you through each cycle.

Moon Time

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