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Deer hide rattle birthed on February 5, 2023 Full Moon.


This rattle is all about tapping into the balance within.

Two punches were used to infuse this rattle. Number 2 is a symbol of balance, prosperity, teamwork, peace and harmony.

The filling for sound is Pearls, Blue seed beads, rose quartz & Sage. The pearl symbolizing the beautiful gifts inside of you, the blue seed beads resembling the throat chakra to use our voice and express our needs, rose quartz for self-love and acceptance and sage for clearing.

Tigers eye is used on this rattle to bring balance, discernment, vitality, strength, and practicality.

This rattle will bring balance, and help you connect within, to help you find balance and your centre with calm. The flower of life was used because it’s a pattern within us all, connecting us back to our true and authentic selves along with four stripes starting from big up to small that resemble our ascending up towards source all while connecting to the Four directions.

My rattles aren’t just tools for clearing, my rattles are a complete intuitive birthing of a new portal that will serve who you are in your life. My rattles are an art piece, sometimes and rarely shaken, all you need to do is hold this rattle and infuse intentions into your being with total and complete trust that energy follows intention!


The size of this rattle is 14" total length, 3"x3" Rattle head.

Golden Connection

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