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Phew, this rattle brings power.

Earth energy warrior rattle
Elk hide shaped into a diamond like shape allows for the sound to carry.

Lined with labradorite around the base of the rawhide to being clearing, cleansing and clarity!

Filled with selenite shreds, palo santo shreds, wood beads. This rattle resonates and sounds incredible! For a video clip of the rattle and sound please message us!

The branches around this handle are all natural, strong and bring grounded energy. The pictures of this rattle don’t do a justice for the depth and strength!

Hold her and you will feel overwhelmed with grounding, clearing and strengthening energy.

19.5” Total Length
Hide rattle is 3” x 4” approximately

All completely handmade and painted by Robyn Prosser.

Earth Warrior Rattle

C$277.00 Regular Price
C$233.00Sale Price
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