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I would love to paint your spirit guide/angel or being!


Just as a psychic can naturally interpret messages from spirit guides and beings, I am able to meet them through a journey otherwise known as meditation. 


If you have met your beings before, I can go off of your description and still journey to meet these higher beings to get the details and descriptions that I need to create your painting. 


If you have not met your spirit guides/angels/beings I am learning and accessing these beings only through your permission. It’s great fun meeting them and being able to vividly paint what I have seen! 

These beings posted are my guides for my solar plexus and throat chakras. 


Please respond to the ad by requesting a custom piece. We can work together to paint you the exact being you have in mind! I am so excited to walk on this journey 💜


Prices vary depending on size!


Custom Spirit Guide/Angel/Being Paintings

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