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Made with two Canadian Goose feathers handpicked from the Okanagan beach line, this fan is filled with energy of magic, connection and love.

I wanted to do a pink and purple theme to bring delicate energy to balance the strength and magic in the goose feathers.
This handle is wrapped with a pink/purple/pearl cotton yarn with a slice of selenite for extension. An amethyst bead has been tied with a touch of glue for stability along with a rose quartz near the top between two pink faux pearls.

The goose brings us good fortune, spiritual awareness and connection with ancestors along with creative and imaginative juices.

Selenite brings us clarity and cleansing energy for smudging.
Rose quartz brings us love and divinity and amethyst brings us connection to the divine.

All of these pair together for a truly magical smudge fan. Hanging loop located on the back of the handle to hang on the wall.

This fan is a total length of 15“ with its widest point being 3“.

Handmade by Robyn Prosser only with the upmost love and light!

Canada Goose Smudge Fan

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