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Birth • Life • Death


This rattle was birthed over the course of a couple months. This rattle for some reason, needed to sit and

marinate. The branch from this rattle is from the Secwepemc & Syilx lands in Armstrong.


This rattle has three rattle heads.


1) Birth Cycle • Germ of Life • Single Circle • Elk Hide

2) Life Cycle • Seed of Life • Double Circle • Moose Hide

3) Death Cycle • Flower of Life • Single Circle • Deer Hide


1) The birth cycle starts as we are small infants, that is why it is the smallest Rattle head. The single white

circle represents our entrance to earth, along with the new cycle that we are about to embark on. Elk hide

is a great hide for entrance because it brings energy of plenty, with this deep rooted knowing that you

have everything you need. Elk is great for the inner child and reminding us to nurture and protect them

along with energy to pace ourselves on this new adventure so that we can maintain our stamina.

2) The life cycle is shown with the seed of life, showing growth through the life phase and times of

change. On the other side shows the two circles at overlap. This shows both the birth cycle, the death

cycle and the lifecycle which is green. This gives us the reminder that we are always in this process

spiritually and through our growth. Moose brings us energy of endurance. Moose brings strength and the

ability to endure this lifecycle. Moose allows us to explore new depths of awareness with our increasing


sensitivities and our sixth scents.


3) The death cycle is shown with the flower of life, the pattern within us all, the pattern that is in

everything. It shows symbolism that as we die, as a part of us dies energetically/emotionally we return

back to our true essence. On the other side is a single circle painted black showing that cycle of death

ending. Deer brings us energy of nurturing and softer feminine energy, this allows us to approach death

with gentleness and to approach ourselves with that nurturing caring energy that we need as we and the


cycle and embark on a new journey.


As you can see this rattle has three separate parts that all join into one. This shows the symbolism of all

three cycles that are all still connected to source while you’re in your cycle. You enter in through light,

you live a prosperous green life, cycle, while still be connected to source and finally death as we return

back to source and complete the cycle. Although this might be the end of a cycle it doesn’t necessarily

mean that it’s the end of our life, it’s just the end of another cycle and then we return back to The light,


source and then start the cycle all over again.


All of the little threads between each rattle resembles our web. It resembles our cords, and it resembles

how truly connected we are to each cycle but also to the collective consciousness. It is quite remarkable

how interconnected we all are and how important each cycle is through our journey.

Each crystal on this rattle was meticulously picked to really embody the message of this rattle.Starting

from the bottom of the rattle we have a large chunk of black tourmaline. Black tourmaline brings

purification and protection and is grounding as it works with the root chakra. Black tourmaline supports

purification of the body, helps dispel worry, judgment, fear, anger, shame and other challenging emotions.

Black tourmaline aids with grounding and cleansing of the energy field which is a perfect stone to be the


grounding stone for this rattle.


Above the black tourmaline is Angelite or Blue anhydrite. This Crystal is all about Angel communication,

serenity, expanded awareness. It is connected to the throat, third eye, and Crown chakra. This crystal

helps to support bone density, helps with the arthritis and healing fractures. It also helps with encouraging

clear and compassionate communication along with developing spiritual gifts. This Crystal with selected

to be placed at the base where each of these cycles connect to source energy on the handle. This gives a

great reminder of how connected we are to our Angelic team, spirit guides, and source through all our




Up the black handle are two rose quarts for that reminder of love, self compassion, and a heart centred




At the top of the black handle on the side is a howlite crystal. Howlite strengthens memory and stimulates

desire for knowledge. It teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress. A calming stone,

Howlite calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression. Which is a

great crystal when entering into the death cycle as it teaches us patience in excepting the death cycle


along with what is to come.


Finally, where the green and white handle intersect is a Tourmalined quartz. This crystal brings

purification, recovery from negative influences and connects to all of our chakras. This crystal purifies

one’s environment, cleanse the body of negative energies and helps one overcome self destructive

emotional patterns. This crystal creates a protective, purifying field around one’s aura and body. This

crystal is great for the intersection of these two cycles because it will bring the clearing to the energy


body and will assist in the learning of the current cycle that you are in.


All in all this rattle has profound intention work infused into the handle and the rawhides. This rattle will

assist you in all three of your cycles, it will help you clear, ground, and call in all that you desire.

Whatever your intentions are for this rattle, trust and know that they are all set and taken care of. Learn to

embody the birth, life and death cycles through our emotions, karmic cycles, healing, and physical

journey. Know that no matter what, we are all connected, we are all deeply rooted in mother earth and we


are all infinitely connected to the collective consciousness.


Welcome home

With love, Rob Pross

Birth • Life • Death

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