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My passion is to empower people on their healing journey through emotional release with meditation, yoga, and art. Emotional release is tied into all of my services but individual sessions are tailored to my client's specific need!


What is emotional release?

Emotional release is exactly how it sounds. It is releasing stored emotions in the body through meditation, yoga, and art.  I have learned about emotional release personally through my journey in healing. Coming from trauma myself, I needed a way to lessen my anxiety, rage, addiction, and co-dependency. I was on a downward spiral in my life of unhealthy patterns, uncontrolled and unacknowledged emotions. 

Healing is an ongoing and neverending process- but not in a daunting way! When I first started healing, it was daunting; but I eventually learned that riding the waves of life, learning to watch my patterns/emotions/inner being, I was able to move freely and embrace my emotions that come up. Some days can be better than others, but that is totally okay!

That brings me here to empowering people on their healing journey! From personal experience, when we have the right tools in our toolbox; we can learn to embrace life and heal ourselves. Allowing emotions to run freely is not a typical "okay" thing in society. My goal is to change that by empowering people in their journey through the tools that have worked for me! 


What does a session look like?

Each emotional release session is tailored to the individual client.

The session would start with a coaching conversation around the client's needs.

Are you experiencing any physical discomforts?

Are you experiencing any emotional discomforts?

Are you having a hard time 'letting go' of something?

Then together we would create a plan tailored to your needs pairing meditation, yoga, and art. I like to pair healing with the chakra energy centers to help locate the blocked/stored energy. 

Guided meditations to work with the mind's eye in releasing what is stored in the client's body.

Yoga movements to physically move the energy and release it.

Art to tune inwards, allowing yourself to see and feel the flow of energy move from your being. 

All 3 of these paired together to make a healthy flow of energy release and healing. Once you learn these tools, you can do them on your own whenever needed! The beauty of meditation, yoga, and art to move energy and release your stored emotions is that once this tool is learned, it's quite simple. 


first session | 75 minutes | $125

any after | 60 minutes | $95


Emotional Release Facilitator 

I am an emotional release facilitator, meaning that I direct and encourage the energy flow/release of your body. You are the one doing the hard work allowing the energy and stored emotions to release! I am there to teach, direct and encourage you on your journey to releasing your stored emotions. 

During my major healing and shedding of deep trauma, I had the help of a professional therapist. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for them, it is essential to work with skilled professionals at one point or another in your journey to learn the tools and support from them.


I want to make it very clear that I am NOT a therapist, doctor, or medical professional. I am simply teaching you the tools to direct the energy pathways in your body.