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The crystal singing bowls offer deep relaxation through their harmonic sounds. The healing sounds of the bowls offer healing in the body while working through the chakra energy system in turn, bringing balance to your inner and outer world. 

Robyn works with her 3 crystal singing bowls, pairing vocal guided meditations for releasing, relaxation, self-love, and more. She pairs her meditations and singing bowls with yoga, both restorative, and yin. 

Robyn & Therese Laforge offers many more bowls in a total restorative experience.  Each session has different offerings, some of them include:

•cleansing smudge ceremony at the start.

•restorative yoga postures.

•essential oils to enhance meditation.

•body tapping to free meridians and let life flow.

•Donna Eden exercises to let go and open our radiant circuits

•burning bowl ceremony.

•journal writing to capture new ideas.

Contact me to book the crystal singing bowls!