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My name is Robyn Prosser and I am the creator of Rob Pross Wholeness! I am a creative individual that strives to embody awareness to shift my reality, manifest my dreams and connect with individuals who are driven and ready to align with their true self. 

My role is to support radiant individuals in developing their meditation practice, self awareness and are motivated to make a shift  that will affect all areas of their life. I value openness, harmony and expressiveness. I believe that our openness unlocks our expressiveness which in turn brings harmony into alignment. 


I am a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher,  certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Life Coach with an array of artistic talents, tools and passions that will support you on your journey to awareness! 

I like to keep productive in expanding my businesses in all areas! I am a successful entrepreneur of my online Etsy shop Fox With Raven, I have created my 8 week meditation mentorship program, I work with the crystal singing bowl sounds to support healing and I stay active both online and in my community teaching yoga & meditation!


Like I am not busy enough as it is.. I am also a mom of two ravenous boys with an incredibly supportive partner! I look forward to starting a journey with you in aligning with your true self. 

What is Meditation Coaching?

Meditation coaching is when I coach you into developing a regular meditation practice and creating a mindful life. Together we will create a strong foundation for meditation ensuring that it works for YOUR life! This means that each client that I work with has a totally different structure and success to having a meditation practice. 

We will meet either in person or on zoom, start with a grounding practice and work with your needs and where you want to go first. Meditation coaching isn't just about meditating, it is about digging deep in your roots, discovering yourself, how you tick and what is holding you back in living your highest potential. Meditation coaching is about creating a foundation for your life to open up to  mindful living where you can truly create your own reality. 

It changed my life, it will changed yours too. 


First Session: $44

Ongoing Sessions: $55

Each session is 60-75 minutes including a  guided meditation at the end


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